Billboard Project

BILLBOARD FESTIVAL CASABLANCA occupied 63 full-size billboards in the very heart of Casablanca – a prime platform in the city seen by literally thousands and thousands of people passing on city trams and foot every day.

In April 2015 the billboards was full of photographic images by no less than 63 Moroccan and Nordic contemporary women artists – including works by selected students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and École Superieure des Beaux Arts in Casablanca.

Billboards have a monumental and powerful visibility in public space. Blown up to 4×3 metres, the artists’ photographic works was bringing new life and new images to the streets of Casablanca. As well as showcasing the talent and visions of women artists, BILLBOARD FESTIVAL CASABLANCA 2015 provided a more prominent, public site for very different stories and images than the advertising that dominates the streets of many cities worldwide.