INSIDE OUT 2400, 2012

INSIDE OUT 2400, 2012

A site-specific video and sound installation

The first thing that met you when you entered the Møntmestervej, was a series of 15 meter high video projections that were projected onto nine gables of the houses in the street, showing pictures and portraits from 50 of flats in the street. The idea of the project was to render the neighbourhood’s inhabitants visible by turning the street apartments ‘inside out’ in pictures and sounds.

Video- and sound art were involved as art forms when visualising the life in the apartments. Thus, a number of visual and auditory representations of the residents, their houses and their thoughts were created.

The idea was to transform the houses on Møntmestervej by establishing a social space, which enabled the residents to interact with each other.

Møntmestervej, a timeless pocket on the periphery of a big city, is situated next to the busy Tomsgårdsvej, and the place therefore clearly demarks the boundary between the city’s frenetic pace and the more introvert life in the estate.

The residents in the area represent a wide range of the Danish population from ethnic Danish families who have lived in the buildings for generations to ‘New Danes’ – immigrants who come from many different countries. The goal was to transform these different but often parallel lives, into a visible diversity. An important part of the concept was to require that all residents were involved in creating this common visual and auditory narrative. In this way, Inside Out 2400 was part of creating new experiences and also to challenge the perception of urban space.

Collaboration with K. Wellendorf