MONOGRAFIA PUBLIC PROJECTS 2002 -2016 will be published autumn 2018 Forlaget Vandkunsten



Sketch for competion Tartu, Estonia

MEMORIES is a collaboration with people in the neighbourhood of RAASMATUKOGU, creating a social space where each individual resident participates with their own photographs,with their personal history. The familiar, everyday life of the past and the present: individual memories that form parallels in a projection of visual diversity.

MEMORIES throws people’s experiences into relief, challenging perceptions of urban social cohesion. The changing images throw light on the buildings, creating an atmosphere that alternates between the intimate and the epic. The illuminated projections incorporate the windows and doors of the building to create a kaleidoscopic universe.

Images in the categories a journey/ a piece of furniture/ a family member will be edited as a black and white light installation running in a 4-minute loop.

In collaboration with Per Kragh-Müller




The project gathers and exhibits photographs of Syrian refugees to focus on the story of the individual person by showing what they look like, how different they are to each other – and how alike we all are.

PASSAGE focuses on open and inclusive communication in public space, and represents a commentary on current, public debates on the situation of refugees in Denmark.

In the form of a visual montage, PASSAGE presents a series of narrative and visual representations of refugees based on their own stories and living spaces. Around 75 posters will tell the stories of their experience of leaving their families, friends and homes to begin a new life in an unfamiliar part of the world.

PASSAGE is located in the tunnel under Dronning Louise’s Bridge on Nørrebrogade. Here the tunnel itself and adjoining walls will be used to display a montage extending around 180m. The tunnel itself is a passage between the two sides of Copenhagen Canal, and therefore an optimal site to tell a contemporary story of people forced to flee war and destruction.





En site-specifik videoinstallation af billedkunstner Hanne Lise Thomsen.

Inside Out Istedgade  vil blive vist i august/september 2015 og er iværksat af Statens Kunstfond og Københavns kommune.




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Video projektion i Damaskus 2010 

Overalt i Damaskus tonede billedet af præsidenten Al-Assad frem på byens facader og billboards. For at etablere et modspil til dette ensidige udtryk var projektets ide at portrættere gadesælgerne i Damaskus og lade dem optræde i en videoanimation, som satte fokus på deres individualitet. Ved at inkorporere bygninger i Damaskus var Working Class Heroes synlig for alle og tilførte samtidig stedet en ny rumlig dimension.

Videoprojektionen blev stoppet af sikkerhedspolitiet



                               Video projections in Shufat Refugee Camp, Jerusalem

25.0000 Palestinians live in the Shufat Refugee Camp, which was established in 1966 and is situated 4 km north of Jerusalem.

The camp is entirely surrounded by Israeli settlements as well as the apartheid wall which isolates it from Jerusalem.

Shufat Refugee Camp residents are daily exposed to assults from the Israeli occupaing forces, for instance closing of water supply,

raids and demolishing of neighbourhood houses.