The Voice of Shufat

The Voice of Shufat

– Video projections in Shufat Refugee Camp, Jerusalem

25.0000 Palestinians live in the Shufat Refugee Camp, which was established in 1966 and is situated 4 km north of Jerusalem. The camp is entirely surrounded by Israeli settlements as well as the apartheid wall which isolates it from Jerusalem. Shufat Refugee Camp residents are daily exposed to assults from the Israeli occupaing forces, for instance closing of water supply, raids and demolishing of neighbourhood houses.

By focusing on the area the project “The Voice of Shufat” literally shed light on the residents living under these highly critisiable conditions. The projects idea is to visualize the residents and tell the story about the Palestinian people living in the Shufat Refugee Camp. By incorporating the houses within the area the video projections will be visible for everyone and the portraits will emerge dreamlike and surreal into the night, creating a gallery of images.


The project is based on a series of portraits and snapshots of people living in Shufat Refugee Camp which are projected onto the facades of the houses in several dias and video projections. These are projected from the houses onto the opposite facing wall. The idea is to show a total of 50 projections which all play an integral part of a photographic installation. The video project will be visible to all, especially from the surrounding Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem.

‘The Voice of Shufat’ are planned to be launched during the autumn 2011 and will be shown 3 evenings after dark until eleven P.M.