INSIDE OUT 2400, 2012

A site-specific video and sound installation

Møntmestervej street in Copenhagen is a street that borders the heavily trafficked Tomsgårdsvej street, which clearly marks the boundary between the city’s frenetic tempo and the more introvert life of the housing estate: a time warp on the periphery of a city.

Inside Out 2400 was realized in collaboration with the residents of Møntmestervej street, in the Copenhagen postal district 2400. Residents who represent a broad cross-section of the Danish population, both ethnically Danish families who have lived in on the housing estate for several generations, and so-called ‘new Danes’ who come from many different countries.

The idea was to turn these different, but often parallel, lives into a visible diversity. By temporarily transforming the housing estate on Møntmestervej, a social space was established which gave the residents the opportunity to interact with one another. Making the residents of the area visible in this way allowed their private stories to mirror each other, so creating a common visual narrative. The residents’ pictures were projected in the form of a video onto one of the street’s nine gables, and together with a series of sound montages, what was going on indoors was shown outdoors.

Several aspects were in play: a particular visual and auditory output, in which Inside Out 2400 turned the buildings inside out; and a social dimension, in which the residents turned themselves inside out.

Collaboration with K. Wellendorf