A site-specific video installation

In all, 40 apartments on Istedgade street took part in INSIDE OUT ISTEDGADE. The idea was to have the many residents talk about life on Istedgade through individual meetings with each of them. In this way they contributed to a diverse but common visual and auditory narrative. Each meeting was documented in photography, film, and sound, and formed a continuous background and inspiration for the artistic interpretations.

The project was developed in urban space using various approaches, with a sound montage being played at the main railway station, in the space facing Reventlowsgade street, while images were projected onto a facade on Gasværksvej street (played in an 8-9 minute loop, shown for 3 days after nightfall). Furthermore, the project’s many images and stories were documented and collected in the publication Inside Out Istedgade. The project was initiated by the Danish Arts Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality in connection with the urban renewal of Istedgade street.