OPEN AIR, 2006


In the form of a visual Images of 50 refugees appeared after sunset, in the public space of six danish cities in november 2006. Refugees are people that have been persecuted in their homeland and therefore has found protection in another part of the world.

Approximatly 120.000 people have come to Denmark, as refugees, in the last 50 years. A fact which The Danish Refugee Council put focus on in relation to their 50th aniversary in november month.

The portraits were by the aid of a 17 meters tall crane projected onto buildings, resulting in pictures of 25 + 25 meter in size. The portraits had been taken by artist Hanne Lise Thomsen who was also the artistic director of the project.

Hanne Lise Thomsen says “Through photographic portraits of 50 refugees we highlighted the individual persons story. We wanted to show how refugees look, how different they are and how they still are similar to all of us’’. The images were paired with a short text by and about the individual refugees.

The projections were shown in Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Kolding, Odense, Ålborg and Århus.