Photographic installation

TRANSITION was composed of 12 monumental portraits of women aged 50-60, hung on the ground floor as well as the four storey high glass tower of the former Daells Varehus (Daell’s Department Store) on the corner of Krystalgade and Fiolstræde streets in the centre of Copenhagen. Because each of the portraits was printed on transparent foil, the women appeared to be fleeting mirror-images that took on the space of the city and thus defied the usual invisibility of women in this phase of life.

The installation also consisted of 60 fluorescent tubes which contributed to the project’s urban monumentality, in which the tower in particular appeared, at a distance, as a kind of glowing landmark in an otherwise blacked out street.

The building and the space, centrally positioned in the urban context, were in this way temporarily transformed into an exhibition space.