Billboard project in Ramallah

The streets of Ramallah embraced the project ”We Are From Here” (Ehna Men Hon). Five artists living in Palestina celebrated International Women’s Day (March8th) in their own special way. The female artists: Lucia Ahmad, Rana Bishara, Asma Ghanem, Tanya Habjouqa and Omaya Salman presented their own personal rich and diverse images of women in the public space through photography.

The We Are From Here project challenged the stereotyes of women’s gender roles in Palestine, raised awareness and encouraged public debate about gender issues. The women had the opportunity to express themselves in public spaces on their own terms.

Billboards in Ramallah are very widespread and most of city space is plastered with commercial ads. In contrast, billboards have never been used in a visual art context, which in its own right thematize the power of advertising and content. ​