Slide projection

Every day the news is full of reports about people who suffer because of wars and armed conflicts all around the world. At the same time it is a fact that several billions dollars are spent on armament every single day.

The visual art manifestation WOMEN FOR PEACE was an attempt to draw attention to this absurd situation by putting the conflicts in perspective and giving reason a voice. The idea was to have 30 women of different nationalities, ages, and backgrounds send a greeting to the citizens of Copenhagen on International Women’s Day.

30 black and white portraits (30 x 30 m) were projected onto the DLG building at Nordhavn station, accompanied by a number of factual texts which formed the background for the women’s demands for peace.

The exclamation women for peace was a form of chorus which was repeated over and over. The projection therefore took on the character of a cacophonous chorus, in which the many different female voices rose above the roofs of the city with a common message, which was not to be misunderstood.