Light Projections

In the form of a visual The private sphere meets the public space, when pictures from the family photo album were projected onto buildings in the streets of Abel Cathrinesgade and Viktoriagade.

The idea of the project was to show the people in the neighbourhood and let their private pictures mirror each other. By incorporating buildings in both streets, “Inside Out” was visible to all.

Several dimensions were in play: An actual visual output, where “Inside Out” turns the inside out of the buildings, but also a social dimension where the residents turned the inside out of themselves. Which pictures do they choose? How do you see yourself and the world anno 2009 in Abel Cathrines gade and Viktoriagade, Copenhagen?

The project was based on a series of portraits and snapshots of the residents which were projected onto the facades of the buildings in several dias projections which were visible in both streets and the nearby crossing streets. The pictures were projected from the windows of the individual apartments and onto the opposite facing wall. The idea was to show a total of 60 projections which all play an integral part of a photographic installation.

Inside Out was part of the project Open Call organized by the Danish Arts Foundation.